Housing and Community Development Committee

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    Seven members, including the members of the Aldermanic Housing and Human Welfare Committee, the Chair of the Housing Authority or his/her designee, and three residents who have a demonstrated interest in advancing the committee purposes. Residential term - three years. Residents appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Aldermen.
  • CITY CODE: 2.48.340
    To plan and implement housing and community development projects, exercise all of the powers and functions of redevelopment and urban renewal, to manage and improve the housing stock, and to coordinate federal, state and private resources toward development activities in the City and other duties as assigned.
    First Monday of month, 7:00 p.m., City Council Chambers
    Department of Planning and Zoning, (410)-263-7961 - Theresa Wellman


Alderman Kenneth Kirby 12/08/2009 12/9/2013 12/4/2017
Alderman Jared Littmann
12/08/2009 12/9/2013 12/4/2017
Alderman Joe Budge
12/9/2013 12/4/2017
Jonette Hahn 2/11/2008 7/25/2011 6/30/2014
Kate Rollason 10/25/2010          10/25/2013    
Theresa Von Adelung Bond 10/8/2001 7/23/2012 7/23/2015
Cynthia Abney Carter, HACA Board 11/9/2009 7/31/2014