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    The Commission shall consist of at least one alderman from the City Council and one resident from each of the eight Wards of the City who possess a demonstrated interest and expertise in education. Such residents shall include active members of parent/student/teacher organizations, public and private educators at any level of education, student advocates, and active members of organized groups demonstrating a strong interest in education. All members, alderman and residents, of the Education Commission shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. The chair shall be the alderman serving on the Commission.
  • CITY CODE: 2.48.005
    The purpose of the Education Commission shall be to make recommendations to the Anne Arundel County Board of Education and the Superintendent and to the State Boards of Education concerning the Annapolis School feeder system, serve as the primary liaison between City and the County Board of Education and elected officials, and work with other governmental, private, and non-governmental organizations to obtain educational opportunities, resources and facilities for the citizens of Annapolis.
    First Monday of the month, 5:30 p.m., Rotating Locations (contact Staff Liaison) 
    Office of the Mayor, 410-263-7997
Julie Kizer Ball 1 10/22/2012 6/30/2014
Jeffrey Macris 2 10/22/2012 6/30/2014
Trisha Irvin, Chair 3 10/22/2012 6/30/2015
Raegan Parker 4 11/24/14 6/30/2017
Judi Gorski 5    12/22/14     6/30/2017
Kim Sharps 6 2/10/2014 6/30/2016
Janet Norman 7 10/22/2012 6/30/2015
Jessica Pachler 8 12/10/2012 6/30/2015
Rani Jenkins at large 10/22/2012 6/30/2014
Enid Collison-Lee, Vice Chair at large 10/22/2012 6/30/2014
Heather Macintosh at large 10/22/2012 6/30/2015
Pamela Bukowski at large 10/22/2012 6/30/2014
Ald. Sheila Finlayson City Council 12/10/2010 11/30/2017