Westgate Circle Project

As part of the City's 11-09 Westgate Circle Art Request for Proposal (RFP), the following projects have been selected as semi-finalists.  The process for final selection includes public display and opportunity for public comment.   This site will be available until approximately August 29, 2011 for review and comments.

Additional details of the project including the Commission's selection criteria are outlined below.

The City of Annapolis Art in Public Places Commission (AIPPC) sought proposals to place site-specific art in the public space known as Westgate Circle. The center of a heavily traveled traffic roundabout, Westgate Circle is a major gateway to the city of Annapolis and the Arts and Entertainment District. The surrounding area includes residential and commercial properties and a cemetery. A portion of the site may be landscaped by a local grower/garden center as designated by the AIPPC. All appropriate media will be considered for proposed artworks, which may also incorporate existing or planned plantings in their design. The selected artwork will be displayed for a minimum of two years, and the artists will be responsible for its installation and removal. The selected artist shall receive up to $10,000 for the design, production, installation and removal of the art.

Selection Process and Criteria:

All qualified submissions will be reviewed by the Commission that will select up to five semi-finalists.  Semi-finalists will be invited to develop comprehensive designs and submit a detailed description and/or maquette, which will be displayed in a public area for viewing and comment prior to final selection.

The Commission will give special consideration to the following:

  1. Conceptual compatibility of the design to the immediate environment and function of the site.
  2. Preservation and integration of the natural environment surrounding the site.
  3. Appropriateness of the materials, textures, colors and design to the design concept.
  4. Degree to which the design contributes to the aesthetic character of the site.
  5. Ability and willingness to work with the AIPPC selected grower/garden center on project.

Please click on thumbnails of the images of the artwork for the AIPPC Westgate Circle sculpture project - to view larger images. Scroll down the page and give us your feedback. THANK YOU!

Rick Casali

In my search to produce a figurative sculpture for my hometown, I found myself looking at the iconic public sculptures of Art History. I drew inspiration from Ancient Greece's Winged Nike of Samothrace and New York's Statue of Liberty. Michelangelo's David is a simple male figure that embodied the spirit of Renaissance Florence. The human form is a timeless subject, and perhaps the most powerful vehicle for human visual expression. If Westgate Circle were surrounded by modern steel and towering glass buildings, I would design an abstract piece for the space. However, the Parisian design of Park Place and the warmth of our Baroque city plan demands a figurative sculpture. An artwork that will uplift the spirit of Annapolitans, not a piece that will leave taxpayers scratching their heads--- an artwork for the people.

Her pose is active, and her drapery accentuates her forward movement. The classical style is also a nod to our figurative arts tradition in the community.  For decades, Annapolis has produced many portrait artists and successful gallery painters.Art students and collectors travel to Annapolis for art classes at Maryland Hall and for events like Paint Annapolis and Art Walk. The circle is located at the heart of our arts district, in close proximity to Park Place, Maryland Hall, Rams Head on Stage, and it serves as a gateway to the many art galleries and music venues downtown. She will distinguish the arts district from the auto shops, gas stations, and fast food establishments of upper West Street and also distinguish the area from the Navy Stadium on Taylor Avenue.

I have also given my design a nautical theme. She is not just stepping forward, but rather sailing through the bay waters at her feet. Thus, her drapery and hair are wet and windblown. A humble crown of oyster shells adorns her wavy hair. Currently, there are no solo female sculptures in Annapolis, so she would be a unique sculpture, confident and welcoming.

There is a flag staff in her right hand that serves several purposes. First, it alters her overall design and silhouette, creating a much taller, bolder, more uplifting experience. Second, a real flag will create actual movement in the sculpture. Such movement is appropriate for the busy environment of the circle. Finally, the flag will be an interchangeable part of the sculpture, making her a functional/interactive artwork that could serve our city in endless ways. Different flags for different holidays and/or local events such as Veterans, Memorial, or Independence Day, USNA Commissioning week, St. Patrick’s Day. National flags could even be flown to welcome visiting dignitaries. Local groups and businesses could make arrangements with the city to have their flags raised above the circle for specific events.

She will designate the capital of Maryland as a forward thinking artistic city, a city that values culture, tradition, and beauty.

Projected cost: $25,000
(Artist seeking private investors to make up $15,000 difference)

Gary Jameson

In response to the RFP 11-09, Gary Jameson proposes to design, fabricate, install, and de-install several sculptural sail-like forms that would be integrated into the proposed landscaping. With a working title of "Regatta,'' the sail-like forms would be fabricated of composite resin/ fiberglass with aluminum framing. Each free-standing form will be secured with a poured concrete footer that will ensure stability, resistance to weather and vandalism, and yet be readily de-installed. The number of sail-like forms to be installed is to be determined. The initial proposal is for each form to be approximately ten feet in height. Although initially proposed as white sails, they can be of many colors.

Projected cost: $10,000

Robert Donovan

The artwork proposed is a free-standing sculptural expression centered in the Westgate rotary, Annapolis Md. The sculpture titled “ Shoal” is intended to reference the historical connection of Annapolis as a nautical port city and to acknowledge the universal intrigue of the sea as a life force.

The proposed sculpture incorporates repetitive individual forms placed in proximity to one another, to create a dynamic whole when seen as a collective group. The proposed artwork characterizes my interest in spatial relationships - how sculpture can work with forms, scale, placement, and pattern, in the same way architecture employs these traits.

The artwork would consist of five massive wooden ribs spaced approximately 48” apart in a slightly arched row. While these ribs mimic the remnants of a sunken ship or the skeletal remains of a whale, they are primarily intended to present to the viewer an abstract quality of large, enigmatic, broken arcs , abandoned to the landscape. Suspended above these arcs would be approximately 20 crudely carved forms resembling fish or a furled sail secured high on a mast. Twelve rods of 18ft. rebar steel would connect these forms to the rib-like forms below. This arrangement would create a slight kinetic action causing the fish-like forms to sway a bit in a pronounced wind. The rib component of the proposed sculpture would be fabricated from oak and poplar. The suspended forms would be carved cedar. The approximate overall size would be; 18ft. high, 12 ft.wide, and 18 ft. long. The project would be as eco-friendly as possible. The wood would remain untreated and allowed to weather to a natural grey-brown. The installation will forego customary spotlighting, instead each of the forms suspended above the ribs, would have a small solar light discreetly embedded in it. In the evening the sculpture would not be illuminated, but rather, there would be a small constellation of tiny lights hovering above it.

Garden landscaping around the art work could be utilized to the further the sea bed theme. I would encourage consideration be given to a less formal gardening treatment . Allowing sea grasses to grow to full height, climbing vines, and the use of accent flowering weeds such as chicory, would further the weathered, abandoned quality I am seeking.

Projected cost: $7,883.57


 The public comment section is now closed.  

The Commission will post the selected artist shortly.