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APD Media Release 09/11/13

Annapolis Police Chief Announces High Tech Police Boat


After eight years the Annapolis Police Department is back on the water. The maritime patrols were made possible after the Department received over $315,000 from the Department of Homeland Security Port Security Grant. The grant was used to purchase a 28-foot Metal Shark Defiant aluminum police boat, equipment for the boat, a trailer, and a sport utility vehicle.  This police boat is the same type used by the United States Coast Guard for their small response. 

“The Department is grateful for this new resource, especially since there is very little cost to the City,” said Annapolis Police Chief Michael Pristoop.  “Annapolis is a boating city, and a police boat is a great fit.  We have an obligation to help keep people safe everywhere, and our waterways are no exception.”

The police boat is equipped with sophisticated equipment including radar and Forward Looking Infra Red imaging system (FLIR).  It can accommodate a crew of up to six with additional passengers.  The police boat is powered by twin 250 HP outboard engines and has the ability to navigate during severe weather conditions.  The Police Department is able to rapidly respond to emergencies on the water, such as search and rescue missions and criminal activity.  The police boat will also be used to assist with special events on the Annapolis waterways such as the Parade of Lights, Fourth of July activities, MRE tug of war, the Annapolis boat shows, etc. 

Annapolis was identified as an area where additional maritime law enforcement coverage was needed.  This identified need helped the Police Department secure a Federal Grant to fund the project without placing the financial burden onto the citizens of Annapolis.  Three officers completed a month long maritime training curriculum at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia.  Their training expenses were also completely funded by a grant through the City of Annapolis Office of Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management.  Additional training was provided by Maryland Natural Resources Police Department. 

Annapolis Police Department’s tactical response team has trained to respond to maritime terrorist events with the Maritime Tactical Operations Group or MTOG.  MTOG is a group of federal, state and local agencies working together to prevent or respond to any potential maritime terrorist event.  With the police boat, and the training they’ve already received, the tactical response team will be able to adequately respond to maritime terrorist events near Annapolis.

The new police boat hit the water July 3, 2013 for its first official patrol and continued regular patrols throughout the summer.  It is expected to be regularly deployed until after the Annapolis Boat Shows in October and then deployed as needed throughout the winter.