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Park Easy! New parking meters give customers more options

Annapolis, MD (7-31-13) In an effort to offer more parking options, Annapolis Mayor Joshua J. Cohen announced that new parking meters are being installed along West Street and throughout the Historic Downtown area.

The Annapolis Department of Transportation began installing the new SmartMeters  yesterday. Individuals can now pay for parking with one easy swipe of their credit card.   These meters have digital information screens that take coins and credit cards for customer convenience. The fee for parking is $2.00 per hour in metered spaces and there is no minimum charge for using the credit card option. Individuals can pay for minutes or hours, just like when they use coins.

“This is another way that we are making it easy to park and get around downtown,” Mayor Cohen said. “Customers and merchants alike will benefit from the convenience and the electronic data collection will enable the City to make better informed decisions about parking management.”

City Council voted to accept the recommendation from the City Manager and Department of Transportation to increase parking meter fees from $1 to $2 per hour starting in FY 2013 and again in FY 2014, pending installation of the new meters.

“The new meters provide easy access and allow dynamic pricing, which gives us the option to increase and decrease pricing in line with seasonal demand,” City Manager Michael Mallinoff said.

Installation of 384 meters started July 30 and should be completed on August 1.   

“The SmartMeters are solar powered and help minimize our carbon footprint, while providing valuable data for the City to evaluate future parking design,” Transportation Director Richard Newell said.

Picture:  Mayor Cohen shows Maggie Lear how to use the new parking meters and pays for her parking with his credit card.