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Mayor Proposes New Zoning for City Dock

Annapolis, MD (5-9-13) Annapolis Mayor Joshua J. Cohen will introduce legislation on Monday, May 13, to establish the first phase of a new Waterfront City Dock zoning district to implement a key recommendation of the City Dock Master Plan.

The first phase addresses the Compromise Street side of City Dock from Newman Street to the beginning of Memorial Circle.  The Mayor plans to address the Randall Street and Dock Street sides of City Dock after the City Council has further reviewed and formally adopted a City Dock Master Plan.

“The purpose of this rezoning ordinance is to enhance the public enjoyment and economic vitality of City Dock, arguably our most important asset,” Mayor Cohen said. “Reorienting the former Fawcett building at 110 Compromise Street, opening up the viewshed from Main Street and establishing a public promenade along the water will provide a shot in the arm for downtown and will enhance the public’s sense of connection with the water.  Though other aspects of the proposed City Dock Master Plan continue to generate spirited debate, its recommendations for the Compromise Street side of Market Slip has garnered broad support, which is why I am prepared to move forward with this phase now.

“For more than two years I have resisted attempts to do spot rezoning on portions of City Dock, because I believe that any rezoning should only be pursued as part of a broader sector study review.  The draft City Dock Master Plan provides that framework for revitalization, and we now have a willing property owner who is enthusiastic about making that vision a reality.  It is now up to the City to put the pieces in place to enable it to happen.”

Phase one will also address:

  • Design elements on City-owned properties regarding the bulkhead work scheduled to begin this fall
  • Flood protection by establishing procedures
  • Public space enhancement
  • Increasing commercial opportunities while maintaining maritime uses
  • Building heights, which will be measured from flood elevation not existing grade
  • The viewshed, which will be required as part of building proposals
The City Dock Advisory Committee (CDAC) helped shape the creation of the City Dock Master Plan for revitalizing City Dock. The CDAC was established in September of  2010 and served as the foundation for public involvement throughout the City Dock Master Plan’s visioning and planning effort. The CDAC disbanded after presenting its report in November of last year.  

The CDAC recommended rebalancing open areas from automobile-oriented space to pedestrian-oriented space, advocated for flexible space that can serve a variety of functions, proposed new ways of managing City Dock and the events that take place there, and called for the use of public art to serve as a main attraction in the area.