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  • http://annapolis1864.wix.com/mdemancipationhttp://annapolis1864.wix.com/mdemancipationCOMPOSITION:  The Commission consists of seven residents and up to five at large members who have a demonstrated knowledge and interest in the history and culture of Annapolis. Four of the ten positions may include, by way of example, representatives from Historic Annapolis Foundation, Maryland State Archives, Four Rivers Heritage Area of Annapolis, London Town, and South County and the Annapolis History Consortium. The members shall be appointed by the Mayor subject to confirmation by the Council.
  • CITY CODE: 2.48.360
  • DUTIES:  The Commission shall advise on and facilitate the development of programs and activities that increases public awareness, appreciation and preservation of the cultural heritage of the City of Annapolis.  The Commission shall have discretion to develop programs and projects in partnership with the Historic Preservation Commission and other heritage-related agencies and organizations that keeps the cultural heritage alive in our memory as a part of what has shaped us as a people, nation, and culture. This can include commemorative events, publications, monuments, markers, awards and other educational activities.
    At the Call of the Chair.
    Historic Preservation Office, (410)-263-7941  Shari Pippen SLPippen@annapolis.gov
 Robert Clark
 1 1/28/2013   6/30/2016
 Alma H. Cropper    4 11/28/2011   6/30/2014
 Karen Engelke  1 11/28/2011   6/30/2014
 David W. Haight  1 11/28/2011   9/23/2013 6/30/2016
 Constance Werner Ramirez  2 11/28/2011   6/30/2015
 William Jeffrey Holland   11/28/2011   6/30/2015
 Theodore Mack   11/28/2011   6/30/2015
 Linnell R. Bowen   11/28/2011   9/23/2013
 Robert Worden 1 11/28/2011   9/23/2013