Art in Public Places Commission

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    Nine residents of the city; one from each ward and one appointed at large. Term - three years. Appointed by Mayor, confirmed by Aldermen.
  • CITY CODE:    6.24
    To adopt guidelines and procedures which identify suitable art objects for city property, and to facilitate the preservation of art objects and artifacts that may be displayed in public places. To prescribe a method for the competitive selection, acquisition and display of art, and for the presentation of performing arts, in public places. To establish other matters appropriate to the administration of the placement of art or the promotion of the performing arts in public places.
    Fourth Tuesday of each month, 6:30 pm, Pip Moyer Recreation Center
    Department of Recreation and Parks  

Leonard Koscianski, Vice Chair             1  1/14/2013   6/30/2016
Anne Palumbo, Ph.D  2 7/31/2008 7/13/2015 6/30/2018
Ellen O. Moyer, Chair at large 1/14/2013     6/30/2016
Barbara Salazar Torreon  4        3/23/2015  6/30/2018
Terry Coker Peterson  at large 7/28/2014 6/30/2017
David Arthur  6 9/27/2010 9/23/2013 6/30/2016
Cynthia Towle-Krewson  7 7/25/2011 3/23/2015 6/30/2018
Terry Averill  8 6/19/2006 9/23/2013 6/30/2016
Vacancy  at large