Public Moorings


Main Field

The largest and most popular mooring field is in Spa Creek between the Spa Creek Bridge and the Naval Academy. This field is also known as the "Front Forty," in reference to the 40 mooring balls, numbered 1 through 40. These moorings are available for $35 per night. Be advised that there are two tiers of mooring balls within this field, according to the maximum allowable vessel LOA, and therefore differ in appearance. The field contains 28 standard, white moorings which can hold vessels up to 45 feet LOA. There are 12 moorings that display a yellow cover; these moorings can hold vessels up to 55 feet LOA.

Saint Mary's Cove

Just past the Spa Creek Draw Bridge, headed westbound on your starboard side, is the Saint Mary's field that contains 20 moorings numbered 41 through 60. These moorings can accommodate vessels up to 35 feet LOA and cost $25 a night.

Well's Cove

Continuing further west up Spa Creek past the Number 3 day marker, on your port side, is Well's Cove that contains 6 moorings numbered 61 through 66. These moorings can hold boats up to 45 feet and cost $30 a night.

Truxtun Park

Further up past Well's Cove, also on your port side, is the final mooring field located in Spa Creek. It is located off the banks of Truxtun Park. This field contains 5 moorings numbered 67 through 71. Again, these moorings can also hold boats up to 45 feet and cost $30 per night.

Back Creek

There is one field located between Bert Jabin's Yacht Yard and Port Annapolis in Back Creek. This mooring field contains 5 moorings numbered 72 through 76. Once again these moorings can hold vessels up to 45 feet and cost $30 per night.

Weekly Rates

Weekly rates are available for all public mooring fields. The weekly rate consists of payment for six days at the daily rate for that field, and then the seventh day is included at no charge. Be advised that previous mooring purchases cannot be retroactively applied towards a weekly rate after the fact. We can only offer weekly rates moving forward from the date of purchase.


  • The checkout time is noon of each day.
  • Customers are welcome to switch mooring balls once they have registered as long as they notify the Harbormaster's Office, and pay any additional cost if moving to a more expensive mooring.
  • If you wish to take your boat off of the mooring at any time, your mooring becomes available to other boaters unless a dinghy or tender is secured to the buoy pendant. Anything less than a dinghy tied to the mooring will be removed, and the buoy will be made available to other boaters.
  • Moored vessels may not tie up with a loose bridle unless the pennants are marked with floating cork and plastic eye. This is due to the fact the bridal line "saws" through the pennant, and violators are subject to a $150 citation to cover replacement costs.
    • If you wish to use a bridle on other moorings please use our pendant for one side of the boat, and attach your own line to the top of the buoy chain-shackle for the other side.
    • We ask that legal bridles not be longer than four feet.
  • No rafting on the moorings or docks without prior written approval from the Harbormaster. Permitting vessels to raft shall be cause for revocation of docking or mooring privileges. The owner of the rafting vessel may be cited.